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Akira Kagimoto is my boyfiee !

I know you think i'm a very 'gedik' girl when i'm post that title
and of course i don't care. ^^

Because i'm really a big fan of akira kagimoto :)
i start to like him since 2005..
He's really cute with that dracula tooth
Kawaii ne.. ^^

Because of my love to him is so deep and fanatic, i decided to make a fanpage for him at facebook
like it if you're akira fans ^^
For those who donno who is akira a.k.a my boyfiee..
here is he :)
akira kagimoto LEAD

with Hiroki-kun..he's the one who wearing black sexy single XD

casual akira

i'm a big fan so what ?
don't critics any of my favorite artist
thanks ^^


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