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Art baru from Miya-chan !

Hello guys
i think its been 2 days in didn.t wrote anything =,=
nothing much story to tell.

Okay! do you love conteng2/lukis-lukis ?
I always love lukis-lukis since tadika.
oh well, mase tu pergi tadika cukup seminggu mesti mintak upah

Me : Mak ! miya nak magic color dengan buku tulis ^^
Mak : Okay, kejap lagi mak beli.

Back from tadika, my mom already buy it for me :)
He, he sampai sekarang i'm still like that but  the thing i buy was different
Buku tulis = Sketh pad
Magic color = Mechanical pencil

My drawing ^^
i draw it 3 days ago
thanks for people who like this picture
also thanks for supportive comments on facebook ^^

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bersama kak Es said...

wow!! talented la:)
kak Es nak order doodle specky with pink blouse ang head covered ..mesti sweet lukisan miss kagimoto ..hait !

Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥