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My story about BOTAK

Happy holiday for anyone that 'cuti-cuti malaysia' right now ^^
everyday is holiday for me..hehe..

really no idea right now..but i miss my blog so much ^w^
so i decided to post this simple entry

You must been thinking
who's botak?
org botak ke? or 
what's botak, right??

Hehe, actually botak is my cat
white fat and aktif botak.. ^^
Kawaii name right ?

I found botak at shopping mall : the store kt port dickson je ;)
that time, he looking at me stupidly..
i told ai-chan : mummy will love it <3
so end of story i pick him up..oh that time he's so bau-bau (u know what i mean right?) -_-'

Botak already big right now and full of kutu !! haha
my mummy love him so much ^-^ <= she's the cat lover
Botak was very liltle that time :)

and now >>
this picture was taken 4 days ago ^^

Somtimes we just call him 'BOT' short for botak because :
'Nanti panggil2 orang lain lak trase..eheh'

end of story


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