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Wedding+Fun plus kulit kurap

still feel tired from yesterday -_-'
but i had so much fun with family and my sweet bestie ^^
Back to 4 JUNE 2011, i went to felda redong (pak andak house)
for my cousin wedding.

Here some picture i upload while we were on journey to the west..oh sorry i mean journey to felda redong ;)

with my bestie! in the car

at perhentian ape ntah :p

already sampai!!
my fat pose beside the souvenir ^^

Elyn bored face ^w^

Ai-chan who love to snap picture <3

candid !!

After dah kebas punggung duduk kt dalam umah..we went out..took some fresh air..
Really bored duduk kt khemah for 3 hours !!
Sleepy + Nak balik :D

bored face ^o^/

afterthat, ai-chan, elyn and me went to the car
we slept for a couple of minutes..
yeah kenduri dah habes !!

We slept there,
i took some picture of the pelamin
sorry forgot the picture of pengantin =)
 bunga telor masin 
love it

pinku pelamin

Not to forgot,
i had gatal-gatal that night "abis badan macam kurap"
i had been bite by semut terbang.ughhh still felt bisa-bisa

Tadaa i'm back to normal no kurap2 anymore ^^
Happy face nak balik dah ni :)

girls on the block
muke suke nk balik

End of my babbling,
sorry bad english


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