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Yeah! found the tutorial !

Already 11:58 right now ;)
just finished cooking fish kicap + fried kacang buncis
simple right ?? ^^,

Last night punye cerita :
i'm learning how to mengait right now.
my mummy teach me but sgt2 susah sebab die right handed and me left handed (minah kidal)
So with the help of the internet i found this tutorials for left handed ^w^/

gambar hiasan

Finally i can learn it easily :)
right now i'm learning left hand half double crochet :)

For left handed who wanna learn how to knit
go here : CROCHET GEEK
dont worry for right handed pon ade :)

i wanna make amigurumi doll
learning is the key :)
(i do not this picture just sharing)

Gambatte miya-san !!
Practice make Perfect ^^

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Eera Shera said...

mak sy pun pandai mengait tp x pernah pun bljr dr dia..huhu..skg nak belajar msk dulu :p

Miss Rainbow said...

oh hehe..
memasak dh beres
right now stdy mngait dlu..hee

bersama kak Es said...


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