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Hai !! longtime i didn't update anything ^0^
really busy with work ne ~
after this i'll write in English AGAIN .Why? 
because i wanna talk more about my favorite artist~ LEAD
(they can get info at my blog!)
of course i'll still write in malay (for certain entry only)

oh! my comments rating surely will go DOWN!
ne~ never mind (^_^)

eh? i think my entry end here
because i got nothing to write lol ! -_-'

p/s : sorry for my bad english (>///<)
i'm still learning~

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12 kawaii/kakkoii friends:

LynnDamya said...

hahaha cute, never mind girl, keep learning okay :D

Miss Kagimoto said...

@LynnDamya >///< yes,i'll keep learning ,thank you !!

Hanie Dew said...

Hai keep learning dear.loyal readers will read ur entry in whatever language wrote.

Azlan Strider said...

one of the english learning process is practise..keep it up!!!


Miss Kagimoto said...

@Hanie Dew yeah! tq so much, i'll try harder >,<

Miss Kagimoto said...

@Azlan Strider that's true, practice make perfect ne ~ ? ^^

Jue said...

english ke bhs melayu ke, aku layan je haha yg ptg aku phm haha lg =)
Keep on learning, sky is not the limit =)

Miss Kagimoto said...

@Jue that's true ^^..simple english je..hehe XDD

http://khalilahaoki.blogspot.com/ said...

me also! still learning to speak & wrote in english!! day by day ^_^

gina said...

ganbatte!!! miss kagimoto!!!
yatta!!! (ง •̀_•́)ง ~ fighting!

Miss Kagimoto said...

@http://khalilahaoki.blogspot.com/ yeah!we can learn together ne ~ >w<

Miss Kagimoto said...

@gina gina ! arigatougozaimasu >///<

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