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Fly all the way from Japan ~

caakkk !!
haha forgot to rotate this

Hey ! short entry from me ~ (*≧▽≦)
i promise to talk about my skincare product in my previous entry, right ?
but not today~ sorry ! i just wanna talk about what i received today ~
lol! feeling so excited to write this entry (>///<)

remember i told you that i'm counting days for wbwy single ?
yeah! it's finally released on 14.03.2012
and of course i already pre-order the CD (>w<)
and i got it today 16.03.2012 (so fast ne ~)
only took 3 days after that single released.
i bought version D ~

secure packaging ^_^
using EMS

front side
i wanna scream at the first time i received this
my 1st time buying LEAD single~
RM110.00++ (included shipping)

back side
really love it !!

by the way , i ordered at Yesasia because all the payment is in USD
(super easy!)
my friends especially from thailand told me that they always order at yesasia
of course i'll follow them hehe.
if order at CDjapan, the payment must be in japanese yen.
(really complicated -_-')
after this, i will only order CD at yesasia  ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ

Listen to that CD over and over again
like it so badly ~ (^_-)☆wink

ps: wanna edit something at my blog
but what is it eh?

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Syuhada said...

Jepun eh??nak kena try dgr ni...HEHHEHEHEHEH

Hani M.M.F said...

wooooo . ohsem !

aiharaRiko said...

okay now i'm jealous ! xDD wanna buy too.. but it's the gazette "THE DIVISION" ! thanks, sbb sebelum ni rasa tak yakin nak beli in yesasia or CDjapan, now lepas tgk u beli, ase cam okay sikit xDD LOL

Farah Azurah said...

mahalnya..tak kisah janji puas..kan ?? :D

Miss Kagimoto said...

@Syuhada yup ! try lah dgr..they really awesome !! >w<

Miss Kagimoto said...

@Hani M.M.F haha really2 awesome !! ^w^

Miss Kagimoto said...

@aiharaRiko oh! u should order it fast ne ~ ^^
same here, mse 1st time risau takot tak dpt ,tbe2 hari dpt hehe >0<

Miss Kagimoto said...

@Farah Azurahthat's true !!!

Indah Betharia said...

Nice visit..

http://khalilahaoki.blogspot.com/ said...

they are so cute! and the songs also catchy! reminds me of backstreet boys & nsync! :)

Miss Kagimoto said...

@http://khalilahaoki.blogspot.com/ haha yeah ! too adorable and super talented >3<

hidayah said...

nice blog..!

kitty-kitty tu sangat comelsss...


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