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Food, Magazine and Lame Talk ~

Ogenki desu ka ?

i hope you are doing fine ne ~
even thought my internet line are so damn slow , i still wanna update :)
before that, congrats to all of the girls and boys who pass with flying colors (SPM result)
what are you going to do after this ? study or working ? both are good lol..

okay, i just bought Scawaii magazine last Saturday, and already read it..
this issue cover look so great XDD

also bought some foods (to gain my weight LOL!)
oh, why i loves food so much ? because they are delicious ! :)

i thought that fudgeez will taste great
actually its just a plain chocolate bread

and these were my really favorite foods
eating them non stop can make me fat~
bought at GIANT
that mini pizza only RM0.99
i am fast food lover

my entry end here,
we will meet again in my next entry !!
continue listening to HUNGRY SNIPER by LEAD ~
~get boys ! do you want me ~ lalala

p/s : gonna buy new circle lens !
what color should i buy ne ?
any suggestion :)

2 kawaii/kakkoii friends:

Lynn Damya said...

those foods looked delicious !!! huhu..hmmm suggested u buy blue green colour like Milla jovovich...do u know her? Her eyes was soooooo damn cool !! haha :D

Miss Kagimoto said...

@Lynn Damya thanks for your suggestion >w<
yeah,i know here and adore her so much
she so hot ne ~ >///<

Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥