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Baby Seal with a Doll ~

1st of all, i would like to thank you for commenting on my previous entry ~
keep reading my blog okay ??

arigatou ~

it's already 2:38 p.m. ,feeling so sleepy ne ~
nothing to do right now, so i just wanna make a simple and nice entry about amigurumi (crochet doll)
well thank you for my lovely customer for buying my craft !!
I've been so busy crocheting and forgot all about my izumi shop page ~
m(_ _)m ゴメンナサイ

these are some of my latest amigurumi doll (>,<)

girl doll and baby seal !
these were not my pattern ~

That baby seal pattern , i bought from Amy Gaines from craftsy for USD 1 (RM3)
i really want that pattern so much since last year ~ 
so kawaii with that pinky cheeks ! (*≧▽≦)

still in the process
making the flippers :)

finish look !
my sister,ai-chan said the seal look like prawn

okay,that girl doll actually a ballerina girl named bella but when i crocheted the doll ~
she doesn't look the same with the original doll  ((+_+))
bought the pattern from Jenny ! she's so kind because she said ,i can sell the finish doll ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
(of course i don't sell her pattern)

i wanna buy her pattern at etsy but she said i can buy the same pattern with cheaper price at craftsy :)
at etsy that girl doll pattern's price is USD 3.99 but at craftsy only USD 1 (hehe,so cheap)
thank you jenny ! (>///<)

for amigurumi lovers , you can buy her pattern at
ETSY : http://www.etsy.com/people/jennyandteddy
check out the free pattern at her blog : http://www.jennyandteddy.com/
or you can instant download pattern at craftsy : http://www.craftsy.com/user/pattern/store/366914
(but must pay 1st ne~)

i really loves the skirt pattern

by the way ,if you wanna order amigurumi dolls , you check out my page or just add me on my facebook
i'll reply as soon as possible !

p/s : oh,i'm babbling to much ne ~ ? 
btw,i bought all the patterns using PAYPAL 

14 kawaii/kakkoii friends:

Lynn Damya said...

huyoo !!! hihi kagum2, (n_n) pndai awak buat, hehe

Miss Kagimoto said...

@Lynn Damya hehe thank you lynn >///<

Iera balqis said...

woww ! one nice girl..you made it at all on yourself..give me one cutie..hehe :)

Miss Kagimoto said...

@Iera balqis thanks !! i'll make one for u ,hehe XDD

pulsowanie said...

u are very creative!does it like knitting also?


Miss Kagimoto said...

@pulsowanie tq ! yes but knitting are not so easy :))

Indah Betharia said...

Pandai awak buat,,,
Tell me how lah,,,,

Miss Kagimoto said...

@Indah Betharia thank you ~ i'll tell u how, next time i make an entry :)

Azzah said...


Miss Kagimoto said...

@Azzah ooww thank you ne ~ >//<

Jue said...

pergh hard work kinda paid off lepas bc komen org ttg talent kita kan =)

talented beb

Paypal mmg memudahkan urusan kan..siap bole charge back kalau tlibat ngan fraud =)

Maii said...

cantik :) btw, macam mana bayar paypal ? ajar sikit >.<

Miss Kagimoto said...

@Jue hehe thats true >w<..got paypal got it all..hehe XDD

Miss Kagimoto said...

@Maii tq maii ~ make sure ad kad rhb dah boleh ad paypal >w< lgpon miya pkai akk punye acc..hehe ^^

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