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My Beauty Regime & Favorite Beauty Tools !

Black and White 
wanna improve my makeup skills

Hey ! How are you ? >w<
Wanna update last night so badly but i had to go to my sister house
(to accompany her because her husband got work to do)
So today i'm gonna write an entry about my beauty regime ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

Sorry if all the pictures are ugly , I've been busy and got no time to edit them

just used it a few days, so far so good :)
bought it at tokutokuya with a really cheap price
(hope it doesn't damage my skin !) -_-'

Safi skin moisturizer
my favorite moisturizer! because my skin are so sensitive, if i wear another moisturizer my skin will be very itchy and sore (really ugly looking skin ne ~)

HAPPY skin lotion (made in Thailand)
i love using baby powder but it make my face feel so dry and uncomfortable..
so i'm using this water-based skin lotion (also can be wear as make-up foundation)
or you can use it as perfume, deodorant or body splash for cool feeling
(i don't recommend it lol, just use on the face only) -_-"
always make my skin feel soft O(≧∇≦)O
using this when i'm at home only :)

end story of my daily routine :)
next is my not often routine, hehe >3<
i always pay extra attention to my often-forgotten areas,
LEG and FEET !!

How i care my feet :
1. i soak my feet in warm water for 5 minutes to soften dead skin and dry throughly with towel
2. use a foot scraper to buff away dead skin cells 
(do this in one direction , which is gentler to skin)
3. apply vaseline (oh i really love vaseline)

no. 1 and 2, i don't do it everyday, just twice a month :)

Beauty Tools !
i rarely use that face roller
hehe XDD

my bestfriend !
feel like forever alone ne~

oh my! i write too much ! sorry for those who don't like my post :)
just don't read it, LOL~ \(o ̄∇ ̄o)/

p/s : just bought Scawaii !!and not yet read it

7 kawaii/kakkoii friends:

http://khalilahaoki.blogspot.com/ said...

omg! i love HAPPY Skin lotion! ur reviews reminds me when i was in high school! i use to wear this and the other one i use is temulawak! very cheap but very affective! ha3 ^_^v those were the days

Anastasyea Aida said...

akak dulu pun guna jugak safi skin moisturizer, tapi skrg dah tukar produk lain pulak, sbb nak cuba yg baru .. ^__^


Miss Kagimoto said...

@http://khalilahaoki.blogspot.com/ haha,really good right?
i also use temulawak when i got so many pimples and sunburn (>w<)

Miss Kagimoto said...

@Anastasyea Aida :) oh,miya pon tringin nk cube produk lain, tp takot kulit makin sensitif,huhu T.T

Hanie Dew said...

Aku tak ngam beb ngan safi.naik jerawat. Oh saya pun pengguna vaseline yg tegar..tetibe dari "aku" jadi "saye".hahaha

Hanie Dew said...

And oh oh u r cute!! Kawaii ne Kagimoto chan.

Miss Kagimoto said...

@Hanie Dew oh ~ ^^
arigatou ne ~ >w<

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