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13th Lawak Kampus and Gempak magazine ~ :)

Hai !! it's been a while since my last update ne ~
really busy with my life, so damn tired T.T
and i got no time to blogwalking at other bloggers blog  (gomen ~)
so this time i'll surely stop at your blog >w<

real life doraemon
funny looking giant microphone 
human doraemon ?!
Lets skip that picture -_-"
I'm totally in love with novel graphic, Malaysian cartoonists are the best!
my most favorite cartoonist is KEITH (of i'm a big fan of him)
i bought all his novel graphic (Lawak Kampus)

The latest work by him is Lawak Kampus 13 ! (it's already 13 books!)
i can't believe i manage to collect all of the series ~ >///<

also bought new gempak issue ^^
there's even a lyrics of I wish.. 
by Milk Bunny/Tsubasa Masuwaka 
(OP for Fairy Tail)

these are my collection of Lawak Kampus >3<
i LOVE Lawak Kampus !!

my entry ends here , see you in my next entry !
lots of love from me , chuu ~ 

p/s : what's your favorite cartoonist ??
do share with me :) 

4 kawaii/kakkoii friends:

Syuhada Nasya said...

atoto ...comel nye awak ni heheheh syu folo sini .. hope awak folo syu blik k klu sudi .. tengs :)

Miss Kagimoto said...

syuhada ~ thank you !! i'll follow u back ne ~ >w<

Pit Kassim said...

comelnye 22 comentor kat atas nihhh kih3~ ok2 abaikan... wahhh banyak komik dia!!! nak pinjam boleh??? minat tu mmg minat..tapi tak sanggup plak nak habiskan duit T.T

Mira Kagimoto said...

@Pit Kassim nk pnjam ? boleh je..haha XD
bkn kuar tiap bln tu still leh kumpul duit :)

Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥