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Vanilla Cupcake ^^

Hai everybody =)

Let me share my vanilla cupcakes recipe..nyum3x (^3^)
Firstly of course the  ingredients >>

*250g margarine
*200g granulated sugar
*4 eggs
*self-raising flour
*200ml fresh milk 

Step >>

1-Firstly, in your mixer bowl cream the sugar and margarine until fluffy.

2-Add the egg one by one

3-Then, put in the self-raising flour and fresh milk alternately and stir slowly (don't forget to stir it in only 1 direction)

4-Afterthat, spoon into your prepared pan

5-Bake it 10+ minutes depending on your oven (checking it with a toothpick ^^ )

Lastly , Taddaaa !!

My home made Vanilla cupcakes !!
it taste like marble cake =D

Easy and simple, make it yourself ^^


p/s: sorry my english are not good enough..but i'm still learning.. 

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