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New look>>ALICE NINE New single>> BLUE FLAME

Pretty day !!
I just had my beautiful lunch a while ago : rice+fried sardin+vegetable pucuk+sambal belacan =D
Oh such a nice meal..mwahxx ^^ 

Who loves alice nine ?? Raise your hand !! 'chuckles'
Me !!
 Just can't wait their new single..BLUE FLAME on June 8th..
Kyaaa!! wanna hear it badly (^3^)
Just got this info from edohsama blog..it always up to date you know =D
Sometimes i just look at Facebook..just search alice nine..there you go ^^

Here i included alice nine new look as well
shou always look cool ~
tora look handsome as always ^^
hiroto look sexy !
saga look different love his hair 
Nao sweet + cute !!

Really love alice nine damn much!!
Great Music <3

For alice nine fans !! Always support them !!
LOve their music


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