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Hello !! how are you guys ?
Anyone here's a starlight ? just left a comments here..
i got an idea from a friend ask me if i can make a voodoo doll..
at first i was like "uhh err..i think i'll try"
so start searching for specific yarns, lovely craft items like button , glue..bla3x

Start creating the pattern, lot of mistake but i always say to myself "NEVER GIVE UP"

Vixx's 1st full album released on 25 NOVEMBER 2013
who's your bias..??
is he leo? ken? hyuk? hongbin? ravi? n? ...

 N with my inspired voodoo doll :)


posing with the original doll ^^v

i'm accepting custom made dolls...
just message me here : Amigurumi shop
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see you next time :)

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