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Random Talk

Hi bloggers , apa khabar ? hope sentiasa dalam keadaan baik..
kadang2x mira type in English and sometime in malay.. :)

Mira nak rajin update balik, tapi susah sangat sebab time memang xde lepas tu MALAS pulak, huhu..
ade tips x?
okay if you got some time and suke craft item, sile lah like page ni : Izumi Shop (amigurumi)
i'll try to be active and talk about some stupid things..

There're a lot of photo that I didn't upload here yet..my amigurumi photos of course..
i'll slowly upload it, hehehe..

add my LINE : miragikwang
I think this is the horrible entry..because I got no idea..
see you next time :)

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