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Amigurumi story in my life

Hola , how are you ?
time fly so fast, esok dah Khamis..still got a lot of work to be done ~
do you love crocheting ? mengait baju, headband ke..tak pun patung..
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this is my latest photo of amigurumi
i need to crochet more dolls to reach my goal..good luck mira !!
which one do you like ? choose please..
korang minat yang mane ??..

12 dolls and a heart ^_^/
i need more for my event..
\what event ? i will tell you later :)

Must crochet more, gambatte mira-chan !!
ada yang suka mengait ? jom share gambar craft yang korang buat..
mira rasa macam nak buat GIVEAWAY je , but don't know when..
will you join if i make a giveaway ??

okay,see ya next time..

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