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My very 1st DOODLE

oyasuminasai !!
dah lambat no sleep yet ^___^

nothing much to say 
i think it's a doodle :p

haha its quite funny
but i like the lips
inspirasi dari popteen !! >//<

p/s : don't laugh at my art because you don't know what is the meaning of the art :))

4 kawaii/kakkoii friends:

syada said...

comellah doodle tu ^^

Miss Rainbow said...

hehe thanks syada ^__^/

Ninie said...

comel!!!! Amik doodle kita jugak ye...dh follow kamu.
Salam ziarah. Follow kiter jugak ek...


ChentaEty said...

wow,cute doodle..awk wat sendiri kew..sy pon nak jgk..hehe..=)

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