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oh gosh long time i didn't wrote anything -_-'
been busy out there
how was your day ?? great ?
My day wasn't very good :(

oh well.that's not what i wanna babbling about

the cute big furry monster =D
i love it so much !!
if he really exists i wanna cuddle him  (omg!my imaginary is so not normal ///// 'chuckles'

this is my little collection
very little (^3^)
 i find it hard to find this domo-kun in place

i buy all that domo except that pillow at CITY SQUARE in johor..in port dickson(my place) there's hard to search for it
so sad :'(

another one !!
my handmade domo-kun

even thought it's ugly but i satisfied with my own handmade
(actually thanks to my sister,AI-CHAN who help me doing this domo (^^*)  

if anyone wanna sell domo dolls don't forget contact this domoobsess -.^

p/s: don't critics my favourite thing =p..back off !!

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Anonymous said...

awww.. kiut domo. i loike :)

Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥