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ami ~ most love dolls LOVE-CHAN!

just a short entry from me..
hehe, i want to update everyday but job keep me totally busy.. T^T

i'm very happy today !! because finally finish all the dolls..
and will post out tomorrow, stay tuned my customers..
and thanks for patiently wait for me to finish the items :)

okay, which dolls do you like the most at my IZUMI SHOP ?
everyone got a different taste ne ~
i think LOVE-chan is the most popular dolls among my customers..
since last year , i received a lot of orders ask me to make a LOVE-chan
i think i already sold too many bunny >3<

my sister, Ai-chan is a crazy fan of Love-chan
hehe >3<

well this the latest order from my sweet customer :)

oh for those yang tak tahu Love-chan tu apa..meh baca ni :

Love (ラブ) (stylized as LOVE) is a fictional female bunny character and singer created by Japanese singer Ai Otsuka.

see ya soon !!
p/s : my brain not function very well,haha XD

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