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My 1st homemade kare-raisu

cooking ??
yes3x...i like cooking

i like to cook something new "anything that my mom don't cook" wee~ >0<
pasta is one of my favorite ingredient \(*0*)/

Today, i try took Japanese recipe
in English we called it CURRY RICE 

i like to know about Japanese culture , fashions , food..
so why don't i cook it myself..right ?

so what is the fastest way to search Japanese recipe ?
Tadddaaaa!!...of course INTERNET..the easiest way...fast and easy (^-")

my 1st homemade kare-raisu
we cook it with beef but i am very lazy to cook using beef so i change it with squid

it can be also cook using shrimp, eggplants and mushrooms..
it taste good but alilttle sour because of canned tomatoes..

my mom said my cooking was delicious
haha but i didn't think like that
oh anyway I've to improve my cooking..for my' future husband' *chuckle

xoxo,peace (o^o)

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